Company History


We started our company in august of 1996, at our new office at the 2e Poellaan in Lisse, The Netherlands. Three months later we presented our first six-door limousine with a 3 seater middle bench; "The Remetz SixDoor limousine based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class W210". This was the start for the production of many sixdoor limousines. In 1998 we produced the first "Conference" face-to-face limousine. From that moment on we produced luxurious limousines, executive cars and custom-made vehicles.

Now we are specialized in the production of high-class conversion based on luxurious vehicles for a highly distinguished clientele, Worldwide.


We engineer with the latest technology available in the automotive branch combined with old fashion craftmanship. Our Research & Development department is constantly striving to improve the exisiting techniques. True attention to detail and perfection has remained the foundation of our profession. We enjoy working in a team of experts, who take up the challenge to lift our products to an even higher level of quality.