Automotive Engineering

Due to our specialised field of expertise we are well known with the entire range of individual automotive engineering. We have a proven track record taken from almost 20 years experience in customization, from powertrain and coachbuilding, electrical and electronic integration, through to production and final manufacture. RemetzCar can focus on the design and development of a single component, or employ the full capability of our engineering specialisms to take concepts through to the final completion of your product. We have a client base that spans the globe from Europe, America and the Middle East, and have the proven ability, knowledge and expertise to make your projects succeed.

Fields of expertise:

  • CAD design.
  • Custom-made interior parts.
  • Sheet metal stamping.
  • One of a kind automotive products in metal, platics or composite.
  • Custom-made electronics in PCB design and manufacturing.
  • Unique propshafts.
  • Interior design.
  • Integration of custom-made (automtive) glass.
  • Assistence in legislation by the dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW).

Digital scanning of a Mercedes SClass.

Custom-made electronics in PCB design and manufacturing.

Using 3D CAD software in our R&D department.

Unique propshaft to suit the characteristics and performance requirements of its specific application.

Pressed metal doorsheets engineered en made especially for a Remetz stretched Mercedes EClass.

Tailor-made doorpanel with integrated tissuebox.