RemetzCar Chassis Tesla Model S

Remetz Chassis Tesla Model S

A long chassis is built from a standard sedan which is supplied by the customer. All vehicle parts that belong to the vehicle, like rear doors, rear seat system, rear panel door and taillights will be reinstalled after the vehicle modification. Window airbags however cannot be replaced because of the construction.

Standard the RemetzCar extension will be supplied with the installed technical systems of the base car. All electronical Driver assistance technologies like Autopilot and the ESP/ABS -system fully function in accordance with the original directions for use of the producer.

RemetzCar offers a few standard size options of extended chassis, from modest compact to stylish long. All of them carried out with optimal ratios and a balanced weight distribution. Practical, spacious and comfortable, the ideal basis for your conversion. Should your require another size or car make, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you about the possibilities.

RemetzCar Chassis Tesla Model S


All-Wheel Drive
85 / P85
85D / P85D
90D / P90D
100D / P100D


  length wheelbase stretch -
Standard vehicle 4970 2954 - -
RCTES-3800 5770 3754 800 -
- dimensions are in mm and kg.

RemetzCar Chassis Tesla Model S

RemetzCar Chassis Tesla Model S
The base vehicle is stretched on a especially designed jig which guarantees dimensional accuracy. All sheet-metal work for the construction of ia. new door sills, bottom and base plates are de signed with CAD software and fabricated by computer operated machines. The bodywork is done with the latest techniques in the area of aluminum work and assimiliation. Specialized aluminum welding equipment guarantees optimal joints that are similar to the requirements of the original car.

- Bottom protection
- Brake lines
- Electrical wiring
- Finished with a protective coating.